Oyster Dome Trail

The Oyster Dome Trail, located on Chuckanut Drive near Bellingham, Washington, is a portion of the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail that goes over Blanchard Mountain. Being snow-free for all but a few days of the year, it's used by serious hikers for off-season training. For ordinary hikers who climb at comfortable rates, it's a good day hike any time of year. SWITMO's job is to keep the trail in condition so it's hikable during the rainy season.

Distance: 3.8 miles roundtrip to overlook; 6.5 miles to Dome. Elevation: Starting elevation 160; high point 2,025 feet.(WTA)

Directions: Chuckanut Drive is also called State Route 11. The trailhead is located just to the north of Milepost 10, where there's a shoulder on the west side wide enough for parking, about four miles south of Larrabee State Park. Oyster Dome is one of SWITMO's Great Hikes

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